Is your heart racing like a jackhammer in your chest? Do you feel paranoid?

These are all symptoms of being too high.

With 11 states recreationally legal and many others legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, most Americans are able to indulge now more than ever before.

When you indulge a little too much, however, it can be a strange and scary feeling.

Don’t worry, though. It’ll be okay!

Keep reading to learn what to do when you’ve consumed too much cannabis.

Deep Breaths

Even though it feels as though the world is closing in on you and your chest is about to implode, you’re okay.

Right now, there’s too much THC in your body that needs time to work its way through.

The first thing to do is to control your breathing.

Take in some deep breaths and let them out again in a controlled manner. Slowly inhaling then slowly exhaling.

This exercise calms your heartbeat and gives you something else to concentrate upon.

It combats against the worst of the symptoms like panic and a racing heart.

Drink Some Lemonade

Next, you’ll want to find yourself a nice glass of delicious lemonade.

Lemons have an oil called limonene.

This oil helps to counteract the effects of THC in your system and brings you down from your high much faster.

The most concentrated collection of limonene is in the peel, so be sure to grate some lemon zest into your glass for maximum effect.

It’s a great way to hydrate your body after a smoke session, too.

Go For a Walk

Get your body using up that excess energy and go for a walk.

If you’re away from home, take this time to explore your favorite local 420-friendly venues near you..

Moving around gets your blood pumping and lets the excessive amounts of THC burn away.

Make sure to bring a friend with you on the walk.

The paranoia caused by too much THC is a whole lot easier to deal with when a close friend is nearby to calm your nerves.

Find a Distraction

Although all of these steps help fight against the effects of smoking too much weed, the real thing to do is to wait.

Your body will rid itself of THC all on its own when given enough time. All you need to do is wait it out.

Go to sleep.

Watch a couple of movies and have some snacks.

Play a video game or a card game with some friends.

Anything to give yourself a distraction while your body works to come down from that extreme high.

Remember, the good news is there’s never been a recorded case of anyone overdosing on marijuana!

Start Small To Stop the Risk of Getting Too High

Again, overdosing isn’t a real concern when it comes to smoking weed, but the effects of feeling too high are uncomfortable to say the least.

The best way to keep from having this happen again is by taking smaller doses.

This is even more important if you’re a beginner.

Sometimes it takes a while for the effects of weed to travel throughout your body.

Give yourself at least an hour or more between consumption whether you’re eating, smoking, or vaping.

You don’t want the earlier smoking session to clash against a new session.

Give your body some time to even out the effects so that you’ll never deal with feeling too stoned again.

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