The majority of Americans now live in a state with some form of legal weed, be it recreational, medicinal, or both.

There are states and the District of Columbia with recreational marijuana, which means you don’t need permission from a doctor to buy weed at a dispensary.

You can just buy it at a dispensary if you’re 21 or older.

That’s nice for people who live in those recreational states, but what about people in the Midwest or South who just want to relax with some weed?

They can take a 420-friendly vacation to a bud and breakfast.

What exactly is a bud and breakfast, you may ask?

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about bud and breakfast.

What is a Bud and Breakfast?

Simply put, a bud and breakfast is a cannabis themed bed and breakfast.

Typically the bud and breakfast is 420-friendly, which means they allow their guest to possess and consume cannabis onsite.

They also typically have cannabis themed rooms, smoking devices, and sometimes free cannabis for their guest to consume and enjoy.

Where They Are and What They Do

You’ll find bud and breakfast locations in places like Portland, Seattle, and Denver.

On the East Coast, check out cities in Vermont and Massachusetts.

These aren’t chain hotels, at least not in any traditional sense.

You’ve probably noticed that just about every hotel posts “no smoking” signs on the property, often due to state and local laws.

B&Bs are private property, which makes it easier for the proprietors to legally consume cannabis on the premises.

The rise of Airbnb also makes it easier for cannabis enthusiasts to find smoker-friendly lodging.

But for the full experience, nothing beats an awesome bud and breakfast.

That’s because these places specialize in a hospitality that centers around like minded individuals that enjoy the pleasures of marijuana.

You might go from an afternoon smoke right to dinner prepared by a cannabis chef.

Hungry before then? Have some appetizers at 4:20 p.m., because what other time would they be served?

If you’re lucky, you might even stay at a place with its own spa.

That’s a significant step up from the smoke-filled dorm rooms you used as a teenager.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud)

Don’t expect the bud and breakfast to sell you weed, though.

They might be able to gift you a small amount, but they can’t sell you weed since they’re not licensed to do that.

But if you visit a city like Denver or Seattle, you’ll have plenty of options for buying it yourself.

The bud and breakfast solves the problem of where, exactly, you can legally smoke and consume your cannabis.

People have always gone to other cities to do things they can’t get away with in their hometowns.

That’s one big reason why bachelor and bachelorette parties exist, after all.

But cannabis tourism, or cannatourism, is still a relatively new venture, but it allows people to visit recreational states to enjoy the wonderful benefits of legal cannabis.

What to Bring (and What to Leave Behind)

You should pack like a typical vacation, but remember that this is a vacation that centers around cannabis consumption.

Bring comfortable clothes, music, snacks (munchies) and whatever else you need to feel comfortable when you’re partaking in pot.

What about your own glass, pipes, rolling papers, or bongs? Call the bud and breakfast and ask if they provide those to guests.

Many do because they don’t want guests bringing their own glass and risking drug paraphernalia charges.

What Not to Do at a Bud and Breakfast

Bud and breakfasts are casual and relaxed, but that doesn’t make them places where anything goes.

There are still rules you need to keep in mind.

For one thing, you should only smoke in places where it’s OK to smoke.

Some locations will let you smoke all over the property, both inside and outside, while other places will ask you to stick with designated smoking locations.

In either case, you should expect to have plenty of fellow smokers to keep you company.

Remember that you’re here to smoke marijuana, not tobacco.

If your hosts wanted to run a business full of people smoking cigarettes, they would have opened a dive bar.

Some might be OK with you pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting up, but checking is always a better bet than assuming.

When you’re leaving, you may be tempted to take home some of the product as a souvenir.

Instead, gift it to your Bud and Breakfast host as a thanks for their generous hospitality.

Pot-Friendly Resources

Now that you know about the world of cannabis tourism and 420-friendly lodging by way of bud and breakfast, what’s next?

You don’t have to take a full-fledged vacation in order to find a welcoming place to partake.

The SmokeHere app also shows you cannabis-friendly clubs and lounges that you can visit on your bud and breakfast weekend getaway.

So remember, whether you want a 420-friendly Airbnb in Denver or a cannabis club, cannabis lounge, or dab bar in Los Angeles – we can help you find out how to consume cannabis in a safe, legal way.

Download the SmokeHere app today!