We saw some awesome places and met some awesome people while on the SmokeHere Tour this past January.

Our two-week journey took us to the recreational marijuana cities of Denver, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

While on the Portland leg of the journey, we had the pleasure to meet and stay with Russ and Lori at the Delta-9 House.

Russ and Lori were awesome host who were very welcoming as they run the 420-friendliest Airbnb in Portland.

If you’re in Portland and looking for a 420-friendly Airbnb – look no further than the Delta-9 House’s Sativa Room or Indica Room.

After getting settled in to our rooms at the Delta-9 House, we began to realize Russ and Lori were no regular pot smoking Airbnb host, but rather passionate and educated cannabis advocates – our kind of people!

Lori is an outspoken cannabis advocate that works to help people through her work in the healthcare industry.

Russ, also known as Radical Russ, has been a cannabis advocate since his first encounter with the plant.

After finding out about Russ’ show, The Marijuana Agenda and his history with NORML as well as his writings for High Times and Huffington Post we knew he was someone we’d love staying with and talking to.

After talking with Russ on our first night, it was apparent that his knowledge of cannabis and his involvement in the industry was unlike anyone we’ve ever met.

We needed to share that passion and enthusiasm with the SmokeHere community!

We thought what better person to have for the first SmokeHere podcast than Radical Russ?

We sat down with Russ to interview him and to discuss his history, his views on the cannabis industry, and the legality of cannabis and cannabis consumption in America.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the 1st episode of the SmokeHere podcast featuring Radical Russ. Listen to the SmokeHere podcast via SoundCloud here.

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