As with any successful app idea, it’s fascinating to hear the “behind the scenes” story. Here is the true story of why and how SmokeHere app became your 420-friendly connection.

In the summer of 2017, I flew to Colorado for a music festival and bought a bit of legal cannabis to enjoy the show.

Everywhere I roamed, I found myself asking, “Hey, can I smoke here?”

After a quick walk, drive, and Google search while in Denver, I found it easy to locate dispensaries to legally buy marijuana.

But there was no conclusive and reliable information on where I could legally smoke — ie. 420 friendly venues.

Thus my idea for SmokeHere app was born!

420-Friendly Is More Fun

Although anyone can discreetly smoke a joint on the street, or in some back alley, I was not really into that.

Instead, I wanted to find friendly, chill lodging and lounging where like-minded individuals could consume marijuana without fear of harassment or fines.

That’s why I had the cool idea to show both tourists and locals all the 420-friendly hotels, Airbnb™, guesthouses, dab bars, smoking clubs/lounges, and even cannabis tours.

SmokeHere app would show all the 420-friendly venues where people like you and I would feel welcome and not judged for being a “stoner.”

From App Idea To Reality

An awesome app idea is only valuable if you take action and build it.

So, I started by telling my cousin (a fellow cannabis enthusiast) about my idea while we were chilling in Granny’s basement — he was immediately sold.

Now that I had my cousin on board with the concept of SmokeHere app, it was time to get to work!

We sourced a fantastically helpful app development firm and embarked on a 5-month long process to make the app.

While BrainyApps was busy developing SmokeHere app, my cousin and I spent months building a reliable and complete database of 420-friendly venues in legal cities and states.

We researched the legal recreational states to track down cannabis friendly lodging and lounging, but that wasn’t enough — the data needed to be verified too.

So, we spent countless hours (and continue to do so) personally contacting each and every 420-friendly hotel, Airbnb™, and smoking lounge for verification before adding to SmokeHere app.

After making hundreds of verification calls and having 175+ verified venues, it was finally time to launch!

SmokeHere for Android went live in the Google Play Store on October 25th, 2017.

A few months later, on January 16th, 2018, the iOS version was launched in the Apple App Store.


The SmokeHere Kickoff Tour

After launching and receiving extremely positive feedback from their venue verification calls, we came up with another idea:

Take a trip to the legal cities and states to visit the 420-friendly venues AND to see how well the app works in real life.

Well, we did just that!

We embarked on the magical, mystical #SmokeHereTour and spent two weeks traveling all over Denver, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (in that order too).

That incredible trip, filled with fun, interesting people and places, proved first hand the value of SmokeHere app — we personally booked our 420-friendly lodging directly through the app.

Just Getting Started

We’re thrilled that SmokeHere app is now ready to help you find 420-friendly hotels, smoking clubs, and cannabis tours.

But the best is yet to come!

We remain hard at work making app upgrades, continually adding more verified venues (currently 355+ cannabis friendly places), and just making SmokeHere the best possible user experience.

We’ve got lots of exciting features and events planned, so follow us on this awesome journey and help spread the word!

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