There are hundreds of marijuana dispensaries in the United States. That number continues to skyrocket as more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legalized, odds are you have several dispensaries near where you live.

But how do you choose the best one?

There are several factors to consider when looking to buy weed from a marijuana dispensary in your area.

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best dispensary.

1. Consider the Products

There are hundreds of cannabis strains, all of which have a unique taste and effect on you when consumed.

Consider what you’re looking for in marijuana and compare the different products that each dispensary offers.

You’ll also want to look for dispensaries that offer high-quality products, as this will make a huge difference in your experience.

You can use cannabis apps like Leafly or look online for reviews of different strains to find one that fits your needs.

2. Convenient Location

When looking for a marijuana dispensary to start buying from, you definitely want to consider location.

You aren’t going to want to spend half an hour driving across town to a dispensary when there are ones much closer.

Check out the dispensaries closest to you first, and see what products they have to offer.

You can simply do a Google search for “medical dispensary near me” or “recreational dispensary near me” depending on the legal status of cannabis in the state you’re in.

Look at the various ratings and reviews to get an idea of people’s opinions of the dispensary’s pricing, selection, quality product, and budtenders.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for locally, then you can start venturing off to further dispensaries.

3. Safety First

Just as you would with any business, you need to consider your safety when visiting a dispensary.

In the case of marijuana dispensaries, we are talking about safety from the law.

Make sure you understand the marijuana laws in your state to ensure that you are visiting a legal dispensary and are of legal age to be visiting.

You also want to understand where you can legally consume cannabis once you purchase it.

Fortunately for you, that’s where the SmokeHere App comes in handy!

The last thing you’ll want is to get into trouble with the law while purchasing or consuming marijuana.

4. Reasonable Pricing

If you’re tight on money, it’s definitely important to consider the prices at each dispensary you’re considering.

Some dispensaries may offer rare strains that cost a lot more per gram, eighth, or ounce.

Other dispensaries may not have as many unique strains, but you’ll still get high-quality bud at a much lower cost.

However, don’t sacrifice the quality of marijuana to save a few bucks, because this will end up costing you money over time.

It’s better to spend a couple of extra bucks per gram, eighth, or ounce for a strain that is much more potent because it’ll last you a lot longer than weak, low-quality strains.

You can also buy in bulk depending on the pricing and state and local cannabis purchase limits.

5. Friendly and Helpful Budtenders

Last but certainly not least, find a dispensary that has friendly and helpful budtenders.

If it’s your first time visiting a dispensary, don’t be shy – let them know!

Any good friendly and helpful budtender is more than glad to assist you in purchasing the products you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for an indica or sativa, pre-roll joint or flower, edibles, vape, or any other product that suits you – a good budtender is more than willing to help you.

Friendly and helpful budtenders will leave a lasting impression with you and keep you happy, high, and coming back for more!

Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensary Is Easy

Instead of blindly walking into the first marijuana dispensary you find, do your research and find the best one that meets your needs.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask around to other local cannabis enthusiast, too.

More often than not you’ll get the best suggestions of pricing, selection, quality product, and friendly budtenders from other cannabis enthusiast like yourself.

Of course, once you’ve bought your cannabis – you’ll need a place to legally consume it.

Download the SmokeHere app today to find all the 420-friendly hotels, Airbnbs, B&Bs, tours, dab bars, & cannabis clubs and lounges near you.

As always, smoke ’em if you got ’em!