When it comes to getting high, you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time. Throw some good friends and interesting experiences into the mix and there’s nothing better.

Still, there are ways to take your buzz to the next level, starting with our list of 5 incredible things to do while high.

Oh, you thought getting stoned meant listening to some reggae and pondering the meaning of life? Then you’re in for a treat.

5 Incredible Things to Do While High

#1: Get a Massage

For some, getting stoned is the only way to relax and unwind, so why not pair this relaxing super-herb with another relaxing activity.

Getting high right before a relaxing massage feels like heaven since you’re allowing every muscle in your body to release.

In fact, a massage may even increase your high.

That’s because our cells have a habit of holding on and storing chemicals like THC deep within the muscles.

By adding pressure to those muscles you’re allowing the cells to release the THC back into your body, enhancing your high.

#2: Clean

It may sound strange, but there’s no better time to get your clean on then when you’re nice and high.

Why? Because on a normal day washing the dishes seems like another boring task on your to-do list, but while high it becomes a state of meditation.

Don’t believe us? Ask your friendly neighborhood Buddhist monk about the value of cleaning.

Not only can it add to your inner chill, but there’s nothing better than coming down from a high to find a clean space.

Listen to your favorite podcast and get to work!

#3: Take a Hike

On any given day, we tend to overlook the magic of nature that surrounds us.

Sometimes it takes being high to slow down and appreciate the beauty our world has to offer us.

The perfect solution? Get high and go for a hike!

Obviously you want to make sure you partake in a nice hybrid or sativa before the hike.

If not, you’re hike might not last too long.

#4: Eat

We’re sure you were wondering when this was going to pop up.

Got a case of the munchies? Indulge, but not in your typical stoner snacks.

Take this opportunity to gorge yourself on something exotic.

Ethiopian? Indian? Thai?

It’s a good time to take flavor risks since likely everything will taste better than it actually is.

Less risk, more experience.

#5: Sex

Yeah, we said it. Not only does marijuana increase your sexual stamina, but for the ladies, it can even increase the chance of reaching orgasm.

I mean…do we have to dig any further than that?

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