It’s been more than five years since recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado. And yet many people are still trying to figure out where they can go to legally consume cannabis without having to just chill at home or their 420-friendly Airbnb.

If you’re interested in knowing where to smoke in Denver, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a few places to consume cannabis in Denver that you’ll definitely want to check out soon.

Where to Smoke in Denver: Where is it Legal to Smoke Weed?

Check out the below guide to learn more about where it is legal to enjoy recreational marijuana in and around town.

The Coffee Joint

The Coffee Joint, located at 1130 Yuma Court, holds the historic distinction of being the first business officially licensed for cannabis-consumption in Denver.

Unfortunately there’s no smoking (due to Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act), but they allow vaping and edible consumption.

You might be bummed that you can’t light up a joint, blunt, bong, or bowl, but it’s legal to vape and consume edibles so enjoy accordingly.

They’re also conveniently located right next to a dispensary, 1136 Yuma, which makes BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) much easier (especially if you forgot your vape or edibles at home, your hotel, or your Airbnb).

Either way, stop by and check out the Coffee Joint!

Tetra 9 Private Lounge and Garden

Tetra 9 is located at 3039 Walnut Street and regularly hosts events, live music, and food trucks.

It operates under a private membership model that offers daily, weekly, and monthly passes ranging from $10 to $100.

Yes, Tetra 9 is a bit more expensive than some other dab bars and cannabis clubs in the city, but its location on the fringes of Denver and in the heart of RiNo is definitely worth the price of admission.

Definitely check them out if you’re in town and tell them the SmokeHere app sent you!

Club 64

Club 64 is a private cannabis club that only shares its address after you’ve signed up for membership.

Once you’re a member, the club will provide a list of cannabis dab bars and lounges that are 420-friendly.

The secrecy is obviously very appealing to a lot of smokers because it feels exclusive.

Just be aware that membership is $20 in advance, or $30 or more at the door.

The Loopr

With various locations around the city, Loopr takes advantage of Colorado’s consumption laws that allow pot to be enjoyed on the Loopr bus.

Loopr is a basically a mobile cannabis lounge with pre-determined routes and stops.

Members are picked up at designated locations using the Loopr app.

Daily rates range from $29 for a three-hour pass, to $80 for a full three days, as well as other various options to purchase.

They also offer weekly bud crawls to several Denver dispensaries for $35. BYOC.

Studio 420

Studio 420‘s new location at 808 E 78TH Ave., Denver, CO 80229 has been open for quite some time now.

They’re open noon to midnight – 7 days a week.

They are a BYOC club and club members must be 21+ years old.

Membership to the club is $20/month for new members (includes first day visit/entry fee).

After new member sign up, daily entry fee is $10.

There are also VIP Memberships of $150/Month and that gives you Monthly Membership Card, daily access for the entire month, access to our VIP floor & events, special monthly discounts. Plus, you get 4 FREE day passes to bring new or existing members (one free guest pass a week only).

If you’re in town, stop by and check them out. Tell them the SmokeHere app sent you!

The International Church of Cannabis

Although it’s not an official cannabis club or lounge, it’s worth mentioning the The International Church of Cannabis.

Located at 400 South Logan Street, this is an actual church, permitting cannabis consumption by members on site during its Friday congregations.

The practiced faith of the church is Elevationism, which is celebrated during evening ceremonies.

You can sign up online to receive invites for live entertainment, potluck dinners, and educational talks on a wide variety of topics.

iBake Denver

Last but definitely not least, iBake Denver is a private membership lounge where you are free to light up or smoke dabs without having to worry about violating Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act.

You can become a member after signing up and paying the $12 monthly membership fee.

iBake is a cool space to chill and get high. And of course, it’s BYOC.

Rocky Mountain High

Even though there are still limits to where to smoke in Denver, this list is a great place start.

Sometimes it’s nice to get high in the privacy of your own home, but if you don’t live there and are enjoying a bit of cannabis tourism, it’s cool to find places to go light up with other cannabis enthusiast.

As places to smoke weed in Denver increase, this list of cannabis clubs, dab bars, and lounges will only continue to grow.

If you’re ever in Colorado looking for cannabis clubs, dab bars, and lounges, make sure you have the SmokeHere app downloaded to find the above 420-friendly dab bars, cannabis clubs, and lounges and more.

As always, smoke ’em if you got ’em!