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SmokeHere quickly and easily shows you all the 420-friendly hotels, Airbnbs™, dab bars, and smoking lounges where you may legally consume cannabis.With all venues painstakingly verified for accuracy, SmokeHere is the only app you need to instantly find cannabis friendly lodging or lounging. Our app brings together a community of like-minded individuals to show you where can meet, stay, and share your passion for cannabis.No registration is required, and your personal data is not tracked or saved.

Origin Story

It all started on a trip to Denver and the question, “Can I SmokeHere?”.There was plenty of information on where you can legally buy marijuana, but no information on where you could legally smoke it. There was a need to let both locals and tourist where they can legally smoke. Out of that need – the idea for SmokeHere was born.Whether it is a 420-friendly hotel, Airbnb™, Bud and Breakfast, social club or lounge – our app shows users where they can find a community of like minded individuals to enjoy their passion for the smoke. We scoured the internet for venues and locations, but that wasn’t enough.We have spent hours, and continue to spend hours, calling each and every venue to verify them in our app. With your help, we can continue to build the community and verify your favorite local venues.Follow along on our journey to help share the smoke and let people know where they can SmokeHere!

App Features

Venue Locations

SmokeHere currently includes cannabis friendly venues in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, Washington D.C., Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles and San Francisco California, Alaska, Maine, and Massachusetts..

“International cannabis friendly venues being added soon!”

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